openfire is a crowdfunding platform for long-term, socially valuable projects.

Featured Projects

  • Ayloo

    Ayloo is a platform for organizing community gatherings. We analyze engagement data from Facebook events integrated with our network to provide insights for organizers as they grow face-to-face communities around their passions.

    Started on March 8th, 2013
    $100 raised so far

  • Urbsly

    Agribiotech giants are tightening their grip on agriculture worldwide. Rather than trying to fight them directly, Urbsly will help create an alternative system that builds on open standards and data, enabling farmers and gardeners to compete on a level playing field, and ensuring that the technology is available to all.

    Started on March 7th, 2013
    $3687 raised so far


    Some ideas aren't about the bottom line. Some ideas are about making the world a better place, providing people with tools and services they need to empower themselves to improve their lives. These ideas truly change the world. Openfire's job is to connect the people who can turn these ideas into reality: visionaries, collaborators, and and financial backers.

    Started on March 7th, 2013
    $606 raised so far

Featured Project Goals

  • Help us reach out to Las Vegas community organizers!

    We're reaching out to community organizers in Las Vegas to commit to integrating their Facebook events with our network in exchange for monthly analytics reports.
  • Open Seed Data Catalog

    Urbsly's first goal is to compile an open data catalog of seed varieties. Creating an open data set that anyone can use and build upon begins to make it much easier for gardeners and farmers to find the plant varieties available from independent seed companies that will grow well for them, reducing their reliance on the agribusiness giants.

  • Build horizontal stretch goals

    Implement the concept of "stretch goals", which allow project creators to expand what they're going to accomplish with each funding goal depending upon how much money is raised.